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We believe maximizing marketing impact requires thoughtful data usage, cutting edge artificial intelligence, powerful automation, and a hands-on team of experts.

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Revolutionizing Marketing With Our AI-Driven Multi-Channel Performance Platform

Data Management

Your data supercharged and enriched

Audience Development

Audiences customized to drive your business results


Automated allocation across geos, channels, creative

Media Activation

Optimized executions across media channels

Measurement & Insights

Actionable insights that link media and outcomes

Our Approach

Impact in Action

See our streamlined approach to driving success with targeted strategies, real-time insights, and critical metrics.

Maximizing ROI with AI

We use AI to sort through millions of combinations of audience, media channel, and creative to find the solution that generates the most purchases for your investment


Streamlining Campaign Efficiency

ActivImpact harnesses automated processes to efficiently streamline the activation of precise audience segments across various platforms, ensuring a seamless campaign rollout


Optimizing Performance Through Data

Every dollar spent creates data points on advertising reach, impressions, clicks, website visits, purchases. All of which can be used to improve performance.


Simplifying Metrics, Enhancing Insights

We manage the complexity, and distill the metrics most important to your business, and deliver via an easy-to-understand report


Next-Gen Analytics & Insightful Reporting

Experience integrated, automated dashboards for omni-channel reporting and attribution. Our platform offers comprehensive analytics for optimization, learning, and actionable feedback


Why We Impact

A Big Problem

When it comes to enhanced AI capabilities, many agencies get squeezed because they are too big to scale in a people-based models or lack the expertise and resources to build AI-enabled capabilities that clients today demand.

A World-Class Team

Tech-forward media mavericks, agency veterans, and location-based marketing experts from Google, Epsilon, Oracle, AT&T, and GM who have spent decades building powerful marketing solutions for the world’s most sophisticated brands.

A Big Idea

A performance marketing platform built from the ground up using proprietary data linked to your insights - cutting edge AI to make smart decisions about who, what, when, where – integrated with all media channels – transparent measurement - rock solid compliance – and a world class support team.

A Game-Changing Solution

AI-enabled multi-channel performance platform for independent agencies designed to improve client performance through lower cost per action while lowering the barrier to enhanced AI offerings.


A platform built for impact

Elevate your marketing with AI precision. Harness comprehensive data, optimize across channels, and target effectively for measurable impact and cost-efficient performance.

Our Monthly Impact

5,000+ Ad Campaigns

Crafted and executed to meet the diverse needs of our clients, reaching vast audiences with precision and creativity.

1.1 Million+ Attributable Conversions

Turning potential into profit, our campaigns are designed for conversion, ensuring every impression counts.

1 Billion+ Impressions

A milestone that speaks to our ability to capture attention and engage with audiences on a massive scale.

100 Million+ Unique Individuals

Diverse strategies that successfully target a broad spectrum of consumers, creating meaningful interactions.

6,000+ Locations

Our expansive reach ensures local and international visibility, putting our clients on the map, everywhere.

Trusted by 80+ Brands & Organizations

From startups to industry leaders, our tailored strategies serve a roster of esteemed clients.

20M+ Subscription-Based Customers

Specializing in retention and loyalty, we maintain an active base of subscribers for ongoing success.

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